28mm 2BED Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

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28mm 2BED Synthetic Knot

This is a really great knot. Soft on the face but plenty of backbone.

Mohammad Khalifa
Outstanding knot!

This was my first time trying the 2BED knot and I'm very pleased with it. Really soft tips, good backbone for me (I personally don't like stiff knots and prefer much less backbone so this is perfect for me). Also, the glue bump is very well done and the hairs are soft and overall the quality of the knot is outstanding specially for the price. I think it's an excellent value for money. Highly recommended

Iain Leggat

I just received the shipment on June the 12th. I've only had the chance to use it for the first time yesterday. I was very impressed with its performance and I'm looking forward to using it a lot more in the coming days.

I Am A Believer

I have never been a fan of those cheap Chinese made synthetics but I contacted Andrew regarding which synthetic would work with a handle I had recently deknotted. Andrew recommended the 2BED and I received it within a few days (very quickly). It is soft with just enough backbone allowing me my desired flexibility and splay. I am now a believer in synthetics and wonder why I never tried APShaveCo before. I would recommend and use Andrew (again) because of his customer service and excellent products.

2BED knot

place and order and it arrived quickly and the 2BED knot is fantastic in looks and feel, nice and dense feel to it.