28mm G5B™ Premium Synthetic Knot

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The G5B features the following:

- All Black Hair Fibers imported from Germany

- EXCELLENT backbone. The stiffer German hair gives you backbone more similar to natural hair than nearly any synthetic.

- Soft tips (approx. average softness compared to other synthetics), scrubby base

- Ultra quick drying. Shake dry or dry with a towel and it's dry in less than half the time of a normal synthetic knot

- Antibacterial Hair - an antibacterial coating is applied to the hair. This makes it safer to store in smaller places with less air, such as a dopp kit. This, combined with it's quick drying properties make it an excellent knot for travel

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin J.
Good Knot

This is great knot! But I bought also G5C which I think is a little bit better. G5C is softer and has better splay in my opinion. But I enjoy this knot very much too, it makes and holds enough lather for my three passes on face and two on head!


Outstanding knot and high quality that AP Shave is know for.

Phil Townsend
Great knot

This is a fabulous synthetic knot lovely soft tips yet good scrubby backbone and is a larther beast !! One of the best synthetic I’ve used
Regards Phil