28mm SynBad™ Bulb Synthetic Knot

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Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot packed with Extra Dense synthetic hair.

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Nemanja P.
Perfect experience with 28mm SynBad

I've been using this knot for a year now and have zero complaints. It's my first shaving brush, so I don't have anything to compare it to except my expectations, but it fulfilled those completely: it's soft but with what seems like a perfect balance of backbone and splay, plus it looks great. I use the Stirling collapsible silicone shaving bowl (which is just a slow-feeding dog bowl that you can find for 3$) and it lathers up nicely in 15 seconds.
I would absolutely recommend this knot!

James D.
Great Knot!

I had Andrew install the 28mm bulb version of this knot in an Ivory & Green handle with the loft set to 58mm and it’s a great all-around performer! I was basically trying to make something similar to my PAA Atomic Rocket and it is! It’s very soft, yet still has enough backbone to load the hard soaps that I make. It whips soap into creamy shaving lather with aplomb without flinging soap all over your bathroom!

This is the knot I was looking for!

Several years ago, I got a couple of SynBad brushes, both in the faux white marble. Fantastic brushes. Since then, every brush is measured against the SynBad. Lately, for the last 8 months or so, I have wanted a 28mm version. I tried 2, and both had more backbone and less splay than I liked. On the site, I read about fan-type knots, and decided to get one. I am so glad I did, as this is the knot I have been looking for! Fantastic, soft as a cloud while it paints and swirls lather on my face!

30 mm synbad knot

Great service as always and high quality knots. Andrew always helpful with product selection

Dimitris Peristeras
Synbad ap shave

Excellent , from Greece