28mm Titanium™ Synthetic Fibre Knot - Bulb

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The "Titanium" knot is a part of the "UK Fibre Supplier" line.

These fibres are from the company that has been supplying the world's oldest shaving brushes (est. 1919) from the UK with both badger & synthetic fibres for 40+ years now.

The name is very much a nod to fibres used in their "premium" line of synthetics, as the fibres come from the very same source. 

These fibres are known for having ultra soft tips and superior backbone. This knot behaves fairly similar to those of the "G5" line, although I'd consider the backbone of these tapered fibres even stronger than the G5 line. Definitely a must try!

Customer Reviews

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Mike S
Fantastic Knot - Great Backbone, Dries Fast. My new 'go to'.

I moved to the synthetic knots since I realized how quickly they dry.

Many synthetics seem floppy, or so loosely packed that water retention is poor. It's a problem because the synthetics don't absorb water into the fibre. (They are plastics after all.) And using exclusively soaps, instead of creams, water retention is important.

I found the titanium knots to be a sweet spot in terms of density vs drying time. The fibres are packed densely enough to retain water during my shave, but not so dense as to slow down drying time.

I also found the backbone the best of any synthetic. Again, this is helpful when using only soaps.

I like the titanium line so much that I purchased more to give to friends.

(And of course, the personalized note on the PO statement by the owner is always appreciated.)


Not for me

There is nothing wrong with the quality of this knot, it’s very nice & soft, but it doesn’t whip up a lather as quickly as I prefer. It does produce a nice creamy lather though.