28mm Titanium™ Synthetic Fibre Knot - Bulb (UHD)

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The "Titanium" knot is a part of the "UK Fibre Supplier" line.

These fibres are from the company that has been supplying the world's oldest shaving brushes (est. 1919) from the UK with both badger & synthetic fibres for 40+ years now.

The name is very much a nod to fibres used in their "premium" line of synthetics, as the fibres come from the very same source. 

These fibres are known for having ultra soft tips and superior backbone. This knot behaves fairly similar to those of the "G5" line, although I'd consider the backbone of these tapered fibres even stronger than the G5 line. Definitely a must try!

**WARNING: Strong Backbone on these fibres + UHD Density (increased backbone) = very heavy backbone and very little splay. Best for paint-stroke style lathering, while using a bowl. For more splay on a UHD knot - please try the independent UHD knot**

Customer Reviews

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Thom Brogan
PLUSH! ¡Insanely PLUSH!

I didn’t know what outstanding lather was until I used this brush (expertly set by Andrew in an AP ShaveCo Beehive handle). Ran the bristles under the faucet, loaded from the puck and the perfect lather painted on my face as though by magic under the soft, dense bristles of this amazing knot. Heavenly!

In time, I’ve learned how to do that with other knots — usually AP ShaveCo as well — but the others required thinking ahead and this Titanium UHD just does it without me having a blessed thought between my ears.

If you like the idea of every shave being a pampering spa treatment you’ve enjoyed too much to mention out loud and the extra guilty pleasures of not having to think about building the perfect lather, I think I’ve found your knot. Well, your knot’s identical twin. This one’s mine!

Nick Allen
Wow, it's like a boar!

These titanium UHD knots are nuts. They've got so much backbone it's like trying to use a really dense, scrubby boar knot at half-broken-in. It's just soft enough that it's got good feedback on the face, but not so soft that you'd think you're using a synthetic.

You want to try something different? Give it a try.