AP400 Slim Shaving Brush Handle (fits 20mm, 22mm knots)

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A replica of the classic rubberset 400, but with a slimmer ferrule profile to accomodate smaller 20mm and 22mm knots.

All handles include the following:

    • Made of 100% Aluminum
    • Polished for a high quality finish
Optional add ons:
  • Any AP Shave Co. Knot (not included, add-on price varies based on knot)

                   To add a knot - use the "Build a Brush" option above this description

  • FREE Knot Setting (included with purchase of AP Shave Co. knot)

Handle Specs:

  • Hole Size: 24mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm
  • Length: 80mm

Additional Notes:

  • Handles are made on via CNC lathe and may be subject to minor machine markings. 
  • Ferrule does not separate from the base like the original handle


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Johnathan Parkerson
    Top Notch

    I found AP Shave by high recommendation on Reddit and was still impressed with the service and quality that I received. This handle and the mounting are perfect. I'll definitely purchase here again.

    Joe c
    Ap400 Slim With 22mm A1 Gelousy Fan

    The handle is amazing with good weight exactly what I was hoping for. I asked to have the knot set for someone who face lathers 70% of the time and got exactly that, it has good backbone for loading and swirling and also paints very nicely to smooth the lather out. I don’t see a need to buy a badger brush other than the gelousy line when it’s affordable and luxurious.


    The slim aluminium version fitted with a 22mm synbad knot is simply perfect for me. Fantastic quality and
    Great service.


    Amazing quality and beautiful craftsmanship. The knot is well set and I look forward to using it for many years before re-knotting. The handle itself I’m sure will outlast me.

    Mark S
    AP 400 20-22mm

    Very well made and machined. The hole for the knot is very deep, I had to epoxy a 10mm spacer in it first so that my 20mm Kent knot sat up high enough. Also, this is made for up to 22mm knots, so again the epoxy had to fill the area so water isn't getting underneath. That said, I recommend this handle, it is certainly much nicer and more expensive looking and feeling than the typical resin/plastic handle that come with most brushes