Crushed Mud Resin Handle #84, Manufactured by Shavemac (fits 24mm, 26mm knots)

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Manufactured by one of the world's most famous brush makers in Shavemac, this partnership between AP Shave Co. and Shavemac brings extremely high quality shaving brushes manufactured to perfection by Shavemac. 

Each handle is made of "Inlace Acrylester", a type of polyester resin from Noblesville, Indiana, USA. These pearlescent blanks look incredible when finished and have amazing depth when viewed in the light!

Built to accommodate either 24mm or 26mm knots, depending on your preference. Loft can be customized to your liking, the hole is 22mm deep. 

  • Handle Height: 50mm
  • Hole Size: 27mm
  • Hole Depth: 22mm

Customer Reviews

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Rene Lever
Geweldige borstel

Ik vind hem persoonlijk erg mooi. Is niet te slap. Gewoon top.

Crushed Mud

Quickly becoming my favorite brush. Crushed Mud handle is gorgeous and fits my hand like a glove. Synbad 24 mm knot is soft on the face lather and does a superb job with a bowl lather. Highly recommend this handle and knot combination.