FREE Knot Setting (For AP Shave Co. Products ONLY)

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When you buy a knot and a handle from me I will set it for you for free. When you choose the loft, it is an approximation. Flat Top knots already come with a short loft, so if you are choosing a Flat Top knot, please go with my recommendation and/or leave me a note instead. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Thomas
Great brush

Andrew was really great to work with. He said tonight in the handle that I chose. This brush turned out beautifully and is one of my top two brushes. It’s better than any natural brush that I’ve ever had. The tips are nice and soft yet there’s plenty of backbone. It’s plays well but also face lathers well.

Andrew Is Amazing With His Free Knot Setting Service!

This was my very first experience buying from APShaveCO, and was my very first brush purchase. And Andrew made sure that my first experience, was going to be a good one, and wow did he deliver! I had him make me a brush using a G5C 24mm synthetic knot, and placed it in a Blue Lagoon handle, he did an amazing job. I've been using my new brush for a month now, and the knot has never came lose and fallen out of the handle. The brush works perfectly everytime I grab it. So many thanks to Andrew, I really appreciate it!


Im pretty new to wet shaving, but I love the care they take in setting each brush!

Floppy but my fault

I love his pre-made brushes (from Etsy) but I opted to make my own brush with my specs and it came out floppy. There are a lot of variables that can change brush characteristics. Make sure you ask before purchasing.

Qua Veda

FREE Knot Setting (For AP Shave Co. Products ONLY)