FREE Knot Setting (For AP Shave Co. Products ONLY)

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When you buy a knot and a handle from me I will set it for you for free. When you choose the loft, it is an approximation. Flat Top knots already come with a short loft, so if you are choosing a Flat Top knot, please go with my recommendation and/or leave me a note instead. Thank you!

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Michael Cam


Sterling Campbell

It's a convenient service. It would be nice if there was more information on what the default loft lengths are as well as what you recommend setting them at so they know if setting one at, say, 54mm they'll know if that's going to make the loft longer or shorter than what you recommend and therefore how it would influence performance. Maybe instead of just saying "my recommendation" follow it with (52mm) so they know that setting it to 50 will in be making it shorter. For all we know "your recommendation" means 60mm loft

More information in general would be great.

Joseph Hooker
Beautiful Materials

Lovely faux bone resin, soft and comfortable synthetic brush. Seems to be set perfectly. I wish I'd chosen fan shape, rather than bulb, but even so, I'm quite pleased.

Wonderful work

The knot setting was impeccable for the 28mm 2BED knot at 50mm on the standard black handle. I love how it looks and the backbone it provides. Knot tips are soft and the fibers are dense so overall a great combination of knot and setting.
Amazing workmanship in all aspects of the brush I ordered.
Finally, having the opportunity to set my own loft height preference, is what will most certainly get me buying again!

Well done^^

Michael R.
Love my badger knot

Sometimes "Old School" is the best. I agreed to your suggestion for a 22mm Gelousy Euro Badger and could not be happier with the results. Have tried several synthetics and a boar and prefer badger. Love how the badger was mated to my handle choice. Quickly became my favorite brush.