Tortoise Handcrafted Shaving Brush Handle (fits 20mm, 22mm knots)

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All handles include the following:

    • Crafted by hand
    • Made of premium UK resin
    • Polished for a high quality finish
    • AP Shave Co. Shaving Brush Box

Optional add ons:

  • Any AP Shave Co. Knot (not included, add-on price varies based on knot)

                   To add a knot - use the "Build a Brush" option above this description

  • FREE Knot Setting (included with purchase of AP Shave Co. knot)

Handle Specs:

  • Hole Size: 23.5mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm
  • Length: 72mm

Additional Notes:

  • The coin is encased in clear resin for protection
  • The coin may be subject to minor imperfections as they're made from a mold


    Customer Reviews

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    Tortoise Handle & SynBad Knot

    Ordered the 20/22mm Tortoise handle and the 22mm SynBad knot which I set myself. Used GE silicone glue and set to the full depth in order to shorten the loft and give more backbone. This is the perfect brush for me and the two-tone SynBad matches the Tortoise handle perfectly. I wish AP had more brushes and knots in the 20mm size which I prefer. Very happy with mine.