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The uBrush - customization of your brush, the way you want it, for an affordable price. This brush consists of two pieces that can be interchanged to create the look you want.This listing is so that you can you can purchase the uBrush preinstalled with the knot of your choosing in the APShaveCo. Collection - all 24mm and 22m options that I carry are available.

Customer Reviews

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Lee Goldberg
An Excellent Brush

To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first because I once had a synthetic brush and I didn’t like how it performed. My AP shaving brush gives a lather every bit as good as a natural hair brush if not better.

Jay Hill
Another Winner

This is my 4th brush from AP and I’m really enjoying it. Knot woks well and the handle really works for me. It’s ergonomic and long, which I prefer so I don’t get lather on my hands. I also like the modular aspect. I can swap out the ferrule for another with a different colour or knot, so it’s potentially many brushes in one.

Robert Maguire
Synthetic shaving brush

Very nice shaving brush and extremely soft bristles (cashmere)...! Quality is very nice. You won’t get a nicer brush for this price. Fast delivery 😊 Thank-you very much...! 🙏🏻

Scott Newman
uBrush 24mm cashmere

Softest yet knot most capable of building an excellent lather. Unbelievable quality for the price. One of the best knot / brush makers on the market.

Wayne Dawe

Great brush!