Zen Shaving Brush Handle (fits 24mm, 26mm knots)

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Built to accommodate either 24mm or 26mm knots, depending on your preference. Loft can be customized to your liking, the hole is 17mm deep. 

  • Handle Height: 75mm
  • Hole Size: 27mm
  • Hole Depth: 17mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bob Prince
And the handle!

I ended up asking for the handle and knot bonded together. Thus my review of the full brush, below.

But specific to the handle: very comfortable. Looks great, too. I usually use a shorter one but this one has definitely made it into my rotation.

I’ll be back :-D

A happy accident brought me to A.P. Shave. A custom brush? Hmm… Perused the offerings and decided on adding a long handled to my mix. Zen handle with a 26mm G5A SHD knot installed by Andrew as he saw fit. It arrived Monday and had its test drive Tuesday. The business end of the knot is softer than any other synth I have but there’s plenty of backbone - it’s a great and seductive combo. With little effort on my part, the brush whipped up a thick lather. Very, very happy with this acquisition and plan to return for more.

Ken B.
Zen Shaving Brush Handle

I epoxied an ultra dense 24mm knot with a penny in the bottom of the handle, as you advised, and sent it off to New Mexico as a gift. My friend loves the ergonomics, the weight, and the color. My impression is that the handle is well crafted and sturdy. Thank you!

Richard G.
Great handle with a great knot!

I like tall handles and this Zen handle does the trick! I paired it with a 26 mm MiG Premium Synthetic (Hybrid) set at 55mm. Amazing combination and the handle is perfect for bowl lathering in my scuttle. Thanks as always to Andrew for his advice and exemplary service. AP Shave Co is the go to place for the best knots and handles!

Derrick Hogue
This is a beautiful brush.

I just got this in today. The handle is very comfortable. The knot, fibers are like soft feathers. Firm enough to whip up a hard soap lather in no time. I will recommend this and I will definitely be back in the future for more.