26mm Gelousy SHD Fan 2 Band Badger Knot (A3)

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ZERO glue bump on the new fan knots. Reccomend you set this knot deeper (around 17-22mm for best results)

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Customer Reviews

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Great Knot

This is my fourth Ap knot and the performance is too shelf just like the rest

Excellent knots

Very happy with the look, density and soft tips. Super fast shipping by Andrew.

Nothing but Gelousy from now on....

Been wanting a Gelousy Knot for sometime now and I picked up a brush on a whim purchase and felt like this was the perfect brush for a Gelousy knot. I had been using Synthetic as they are less maintenance and easier upkeep but from my first use of the Gelousy, I will never look back. Gelousy all the way. Truly amazing knot and I wish I would have pulled the trigger a long time ago. Simply amazing Knot and Highly Recommend trying one. You will not be disappointed and you will never look at your regular badgers the same every again. Do yourself a favor and get a Gelousy Knot. You will be so glad you did!

Dense as hell, even in the fan shape. Gells right up.

Gels perfectly as advertised. Dense as can be. I set mine at 48.5mm, and I could see it being set a little higher given the very high density. I own over a dozen badger brushes from various manufacturers, and this is the first one that didn't shed at all in the first week. Very good.

A True Gelousy Knot

Finally, a fan knot that lives up to its name "Gelousy". The feel you get when you bring this knot to your face is like simply luxurious. Trust me, you will wish you could grow your facial hair faster just so you can treat yourself to another shave with this knot. Do yourself a favor and order this knot, you will "knot" regret it.