20mm Gelousy SHD Bulb 2 Band Badger Knot (A2)

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20mm gelousy knot (a2)

Fantastic knot! Great feel, super soft! dries fairly quick for natural fiber. The 20mm size is deceiving, it provides almost as much coverage as some of my 24mm knots.

20mm Gelousy Knor.

I bought this knot on sale about a month and a half ago. I used it to whip up a lather for about 45 days now.
I must say that this is my most favourite knot. That I have ever used! . I also never thought that a knot this small can cover my face so well. I am happy to have such an incredible knot for such a great price.
60 percent off that is. Thanks so much for the great deal. I would also like to say the customer service is also really good as well. I will be back for another knot, but for now I will just be enjoying mine for time being. And I sure do enjoy it!
Have a nice day!