22mm Gelousy SHD Euro Bulb 2 Band Badger Knot (A3)

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Euro Bulb = More tip coverage lower on the knot. The shape is made resemble the bulb shape made common by the likes of Thater and Shavemac.

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Customer Reviews

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Freddie Payne
Knot for a customer

This particular knot was not for me but was requested for a Rubberset I restored for a customer. I've used one before and found it to be a great knot. The knot was true tonsize and well made. No issues with quality or performance in tbe past so I'm sure this one will be no different.


Very thick and dense knot. Tips are soft and without being overly scritchy. All in all, very satisfied. Thanks!

Not good

So when I was lathering I put it on my face it was holding up poor results
For how much u paid for knot wish it came out better I gave it 5-6 shaves see if I had different results, but all same the brush didn’t hold the shaving cream so whatever u do do not buy from this knot

Hey Darwin - sorry the knot isn’t working out for you! I would love to send out a replacement or refund if it’s not working. Please send me an email andrew@apshaveco.com and I’ll get that sorted for you. Thank you!


Very nice knot!

Exactly what I was hoping for

This brush is dense and comes NOT smelling of animal. I can’t speak to its softness I haven’t had the chance with this lockdown to get the materials I need to restore the brush I’m working on, and get a shave with it, but I’ll be sure to report back when I do.